I have always been passionate about art & the artist who create such exquisite pieces. It has been a dream of mine to work as an Art Consultant and one day be the proud owner of my very own art gallery.

For some years now I have always admired RETNA’s artwork, so to spend a day in his amazing studio filled with hundreds of inspirational books, pieces he was in the process of creating and ones that have already been created, was simply breath taking. A day hanging out at the studio turned into an evening of becoming the subject for his next work of art. Little did I know, I would end up on a massive billboard on Melrose Avenue. Being a part of a billboard created by an artist who’s work I’ve admired for years, my heart dropped!

I met Retna a few years back during Art Basel in Miami (My favorite time of the year) we chatted for a few hours and to be in his company was so inspiring. A connection was made and we’ve stayed in contact ever since. His work is truly captivating.


Photography: Bobby G | Rug designed by RETNA & Marc Phillips rugs | Lace dress: Church Boutique

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