My latest photo shoot took me to Portland, Oregon. It was my first time visiting this beautiful city & as soon as I stepped off the plane, the first thing I noticed was how fresh the air is in Oregon.

I love to explore and get lost in new places, so upon my arrival to the hotel I hopped onto the nearest train, with no destination in mind and decided to hop off on a stop that caught my eye, I ended up in downtown Portland and it was great! I roamed around for a little and wished I could have spent more time in this area but with a 5 am call time the next morning, I needed to head back to my hotel room and get some beauty sleep.

I am always excited about shoots but especially when they are in locations I’ve never been to. I felt like a kid again as the driver drove up to this amazing Christmas tree farm, literally in the middle of no where and told me this is the location for the shoot! For the next two days I shot at this surreal location with the most amazing team, it was a dream job!

For one of the shots they had to create a “winter wonderland” theme, so lots of fake snow was called for in this scenario. Fashion is always a step ahead, so that means winter shoots in the summer. Around lunch time we were headed to the second location of the day, Latourell Falls, it is beautiful & I was left speechless! Pretty much every where you turn is picture perfect!

Day two took us back to the wonderful Christmas tree farm for the remaining shots and then it was straight to the airport and back home for me. 48 hours in Portland left quite the impression, one that left me wanting to come back for more, much more!

I am always so appreciative for this career, the amazing places it takes me & now being able to share these adventures with all of you.

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