‘Oh, Mercy Mercy Me…”

Currently obsessing over Korakia Pensione, located in Palm Springs. The attention to detail in this incredible boutique resort is captivating. I highly recommend this place to anyone who wants a little get away from the city hustle.

Upon entering the Orchard House (one of Korakias exquisite Adobes)  you will see citrus grove to your left, an outdoor stone jacuzzi with waterfall straight ahead, a beautifully designed swinging door to your right and through out the private property, an endless amount of my personal favorite, Bougainvillea’s.

Once you step foot inside the Orchard Room, well it is just breath taking!  I truly felt as though I was transported to an exotic villa in Greece. The architecture and design of the Orchard Room, from the stone floors to the vaulted ceilings, is mesmerizing and romantic. To say this place left a great impression would be an understatement.

I look forward to revisiting Korakia sooner than later.

Location: Korakia 

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