I had the most amazing experience on my birthday at Lions, Tigers & Bears in Apline, California. Founded by Bobbi Brink in 2002, this organization was created to rescue abused and abandoned exotic animals and educate the public.

Upon entering the compound, you will meet your tour guide for the day, who will show show you around and educate you on their animals, this is also when you can choose which animal you would like to feed. I decided to feed a black bear, grizzly bear, and a tiger but if you have your eyes set on feeding a lion, hold on to your ticket as it is one of the last animals you will encounter.

Do not expect to pet any cubs or animals at this sanctuary, as a true sanctuary does not allow for any cub petting, as it is harmful in many ways for the cubs. I promise you that at Lions, Tigers & Bears no cub petting is needed to feel connected to these beautiful and wild animals.

After the tour is over, the staff lets you roam the premises alone for the remainder of the time. I had about 2 hours to do as I please. I decided to spend some time watching the Tiger and the Grizzly Bear, it was so peaceful and an incredible experience.

You can book a visit to this incredible sanctuary on their website & for an additional cost you can purchase tickets to feed any wild animal you wish, trust me it is worth it!

Thank you for hosting me Lions, Tigers & Bears!

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