I’ve been looking forward to seeing Glass Animals play at one of my all time favorite venues in Los Angeles, The Greek Theatre and last night was literally ‘ooey gooey’ music to my ears!

The intimate outdoor setting of the Greek Theatre with an exquisite view of the full moon is truly one of the most magical venues to watch your fave artist perform. The sound, laid back vibe, great artists line up and delicious food options (yes, they actually offer a great quinoa/kale salad, veggie burger and vegetable wrap, for all the healthy concert goers, like myself) and last night they even offered cannolis made to order, which let’s face it, how do you say ‘No’ to a cannoli? I just couldn’t resist!

With minutes away from seeing Glass Animals perform, I grabbed a cup of joe and headed over to my seat. From start to finish this show surpassed any and all expectations! A truly captivating and kick ass show by Glass Animals, they are incredible live and those ‘peanut butter vibes’.

I highly recommend checking them out and definitely make it a point to head over to the Greek Theatre for your next concert viewing! I hear M83, Lauryn Hill, Norah Jones and Young the Giant, are a few artist with shows coming up at the Greek!

Which artists would you like to see here?

Glass Animals / Greek Theatre

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