I first heard of Lewis Del Mar at a Santa Monica festival, where the band performed. As soon as Max Hardwood (drummer and producer) hit the drums and the sounds of Danny Miller (singer and guitarist) captivated the festival grounds, it was an immediate connection for me. When every song sounds like a hit and a band is as talented & energetic as these guys are live, one can’t help but to wonder in excitement, what’s next for this newly Columbia Records signed band?


As some of you may have noticed from one of my recent posts, I did a fashion video where we used the song titled Loud(y) one of Lewis Del Mar’s first debut singles and one of my all time favorite songs to jam out to whether in the car or at a photo shoot, their self titled debut album is constantly on repeat and the first thing I request to listen to at a shoot. Their music just moves you!


I introduced myself to the band over none other than social media, just to send some good vibes and let them know Lewis Del Mar made a fan out of me, they were so nice and down to earth, they invited me to their sold out show at the Troubadour last night in Los Angeles. How do you even think of saying no to that invitation?!

After seeing them perform a few songs in the past, I knew it would be a kick ass show and to be able to watch them headline their very first world tour, I was ready to take in all the ‘Memories’ I’ll be jamming out to for years to come.

The band played every song off their newly released album and even a cover of one of Rihanna’s songs, it was fantastic! The music they create and energy they give off on stage, is just magnetic. If you are lucky enough to be anywhere near where these guys might be playing their hearts out, I highly encourage you to buy some tix, dance your bum off and say hello for me.




Thank you Lewis Del Mar  for making music that moves us and inviting me to your show, cant wait for the next one!

To all my readers, I posted some great videos form the show up on my instagram, @vintageconfessions.

Video: Antoine Spignardo Music: Lewis Del Mar Song: Loud(y)

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