I am constantly raving about how important skincare is, even at a very young age. No matter if you are on the east or west coat, your skin will receive great benefits from a hydra facial and a daily skin care regime.

I love to get my hydra facials done at LA Laser Center! A hydra facial is a non invasive treatment that works on every skin type with immediate results. Need I say more? This is a 5 step and pain free process. For more information check out Hydra Facial.

Now, once you have done a hydra facial you want to stay clear from sun exposure for a few days, as per instructed. To extend and maintain the benefits from this treatment, you need a healthy daily skincare regime. I typically do not wear a lot of make up and after a hydra facial I don’t find the need to wear any make up at all! Your skin is so clean and glowing you don’t want to hide it underneath make up and clog your pores with foundation, no fun!


(Photo of myself by: Jose Amigo)

There are 3 products I absolutely adore that Dr. Taheri creates and is sold at his facilities as well as online at LA Laser Center. The first product is the Lacti Foam Cleanser, this is a great product to wash off any dirt and make up from your skin, I then use the Multi HA Daily pads and omg, your skin is glowing after one use! I top it off with the Moisture Rich Intensive Moisturizer, which I combine with a bit of sunscreen and my skin is ready to take on the dry and dusty climate of Los Angeles!  I highly recommend whatever works for you to be consistent, your skin will thank you in the long run.




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