My love for my hometown of Miami is endless. So much so, that every time I come back to visit I extend my stay for an extra month and no other city makes Cuban food like Miami!

For quite a few months now I have entered the ultra healthy world of being a vegan and I must admit, I absolutely love how I feel being a vegan! I was worried this time around that my trip to Miami may not be so welcoming to my vegan way of eating but to my surprise that was not the case!

Take for example, Plant Food + Wine! No words can describe how incredibly delish every plate on their menu is and yes I tried almost if not all of them, through out a couple visits, of course. A raw vegan approach to cooking mouth watering, bold and bright healthy food with an array of colors that stems from the fresh vegetables and edible flowers picked daily. Even if you are not a vegan, this place is worth visiting multiple times.

Just a few of my many faves as shown below!

Kimchi Dumplings- Coriander, ginger foam FullSizeRender 28

Cacio E Pepe, the best kelp noodle dish I could ever imagine!FullSizeRender 30

Zucchini Lasagna -Heirloom tomato, spicy marinara, basil-mint pesto, macadamia ricottaFullSizeRender 31

Don’t forget the Vegan dessert!

A cacao mousse!

FullSizeRender 32

Plant Food + Wine – Miami, FL.

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