I was happy to see one of my dear friends Chié open up the cutest little Matcha truck located inside the Wynwood Yard of Miami! Matcha has recently made its way to Miami, so recent that a lot of “Miamians” have no idea what Matcha is nor the many health benefits this striking green leaf powder provides.


The preparation of matcha is the focus of Japanese tea ceremonies, also making it unique to Japan. One glass of matcha is the equivalent of 10 glasses of green tea in terms of nutritional value and antioxidant content. Matcha teas made from young leaves at the top of the plant create fresh grassy sweet tasting bowls of tea. More mature leaves are used for blending or ingredient grades. Ceremonial matcha is the highest quality green tea powder available where as Culinary grade matcha is specifically blended for use with other ingredients in recipes for food and beverages.

Now that you’ve soaked up some Matcha info, let’s get back to sipping some delish Matcha at Yoko Matcha! My favorites are a nice warm cup of Matcha con leche with a splash of coconut milk and of course, the Matcha Limonada, which is Matcha whisked with warm water then shaken with freshly squeezed lemonade and ice inside a bartender’s shaker and topped off with a mint leaf. The perfect cool quencher for a Miami summer day. If kombucha is your thing, Yoko Matcha has that too as they partnered with Radiate Miami to create one heck of a yummy Matcha filled kombucha!

FullSizeRender 43

Now, what about the culinary matcha you ask? Yoko Matcha has you covered for all your guilt free and not so guilt free sweet tooth needs! From their famously made in house Matcha Brigadeiro (a Japanese take on a famous Brazilian treat) to their Matcha Acai Bowls, Matcha Pastelito’s, Matcha Chia Pudding, Vegan Matcha Tart, Matcha Aljafores and lets not forget their delish collabs with Honey Bee donuts and Vivs Waffles for a vegan and non-vegan option of one heck of a matcha waffle!

FullSizeRender 42

So what are you waiting for Miami?! Stop by Yoko Matcha at the Wynwood Yard say hello to my good friend Chié so she can provide you with the best quality Matcha you will ever be sipping and/or eating. #Matchaconmigo

FullSizeRender 45.jpg

Yoko Matcha / Instagram: @YokoMatcha  

Beverage & food collaborations: Radiate Miami/  Honey Bee Donuts / Viv’s Waffles 

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